Unity for beginners

Making 2D games with Unity for beginners – Ruby’s Adventure

By Unity

A town is in peril after their friendly robots become broken.

It’s Ruby’s quest to fix them! Learn to create this small 2D RPG from scratch and save the town.

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free military_heavy_transport_vehicle game asset for unity 3

Free Military transport vehicle

100% Completed

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Completed 100%

By CG Creative Sets

This package contains a Military heavy transport vehicle (low poly)  ready to add to your game. You are free to use in any of your game project. 

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Military heavy transport vehicle


Hummer police game asset

By CG Creative Sets

This Package contains a 3d model with two variation of the Hummer Police APC. Both the model are Game-Ready with high Quality PBR Texture. Both the vehicle are ready to animate with detached wheel. 

This package contains the script for controlling the siren/sound/lights. You can toggle ON/OFF the siren by pressing ‘P’ on your keyboard. 

Package Contains: 
-Two Hummer Police model 
(fbx/1.1 MB/16k Poly) 
-PBR Texture 
-Police Siren (Script/Audio) 
-Ultimate Camera (Script) 
-Road Texture (Ground) 

Unity Asset Store


Police Siren + Hummer APC

Hummer Off Road

By CG Creative Sets

This Package contains 6 variations of Hummer vehicle Plus+ 3 Bonus Vehicles with Two variations each and a collection of terrain assets including the whole game environment as shown in the Demo Video. 

-High Quality Mobile Game Assets 
-Optimized Texture for Mobile Game 
-All Vehicle are loaded with C# script for simple car controller 
-Prefab to Quickly drag and drop the model to your scene 
-Ultimate Smooth 3d Camera script 
-Dust trail effect for each Vehicle 

Unity Asset Store

Hummer Off Road Low Poly Stylized Pack

Free Mountain Terrain game asset for unity 3d

Free terrain asset

100% Completed

This asset has been Completed you can now download for free.

Completed 100%

By CG Creative Sets

This package contains a Free high quality Mountain Terrain, Rocks and tree (low poly) with PBR texture ready to add to your game. Just need to drag and drop them to your scene. You are free to use in any of your project. 

You are free to use this asset for both personal and commercial project.But you are not allowed to resell or reproduce any part of this product.


Mountain Terrain + Rock + Tree