Kludge City

City Generator Plugin for Maya 2011+ develop by Ed Whetstone

Kludge city is a procedural building and skyscraper generator developed by Visual Effects Artist, Ed Whetstone, as part of his short film project, "The Deliverator". It is freely available for anyone to use it. You can generate any building from a plane also called a "Foot print" where you need to select a foot print and generate building ia an instance.

Version 0.2.0 is a major update. The run command is different:

  • - Download and unzip the file

  • - Copy Kludgecity.mel to your mel scripts directory

  • - Open a new instance of maya

  • - Run “KludgeCity;” from the mel command line

Goto Website www.kludgeworks.com

This Video will show you how to install and use Kludge City in Maya

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