Create Procedural Stepped Landscapes with Nodes!!! (Blender Tutorial) In this Blender 2.82 tutorial i will show you a really cool node that allows you to achieve this really cool stepped landscape look, enjoy!
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Unreal Engine Marketplace Spring Sale -- 5000+ Assets Up to 70% Off Today Epic Games are having their annual Spring Marketplace sale, with over 5000 items on the store up to 70% off, including @ 2,000 items at that 70% level. I think this may be the biggest sale they have had ...
Wasteland 3 โ€“ Story & Characters inXile's Brian Fargo and Senior Writer Nathan Long offer a glimpse into the overall story, factions, and characters you'll meet throughout Wasteland 3's epic story.
Wasteland 3 launches August 28 on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Game Pass ...
Fall Guys - Behind the Stumbles Part 3: Dress for Success | PS4 Fall Guys: Behind the Stumbles Part 3 takes a look at the inspiration and design behind the wild outfits available to win in Fall Guys! From toucans and pineapples to cavemen and hot dogs, players will want to mix and ...
Minecraft Dungeons | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine We visited with Sweden-based developer Mojang Studios to explore how theyโ€™re pushing the boundaries of whatโ€™s possible within the Minecraft franchise.
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Introduction to profiling in Unity - Unite Now Profiling is one of the best ways to optimize your game. Learn how to use Unityโ€™s highly effective profiling tools and how to interpret the data they produce.
Ciro Continisio (Lead Evangelist, EMEA)
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THIRD PERSON MOVEMENT in Unity Let's learn how to make a solid third person controller with a moving camera!
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How to Code (almost) Any Feature There's a basic process that you'll need to use to code most things, but it's rarely taught. It comes down to breaking down the complex feature you want into tiny logical chunks until it's almost pseudocode. At that point, you ...
GETTING REALISTIC SHADOWS in Unity 2019! (Tutorial) Here is a tutorial that you have been asking for - Realistic Shadows in Unity 2019.3 with HDRP! Sounds epic? It IS epic!
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7 Years ago I Launched My First Game! โœ… Here I tell the story of how I launched my very first PC Game, Survivor Squad, 7 years ago!
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BLENDER 2.8x - BUILDING ADDON! -FAST, AWESOME & FREE ๐Ÿฅฐ Easily create awesome buildings fast with this incredible free building addon for blender, this is super impressive and is a huge time saver for everyone!.
Buildbox Livestream Episode 005: Building a Racing Game With the Neon City Asset Pack Part... In this video, Buildbox instructor, Zack Griset, teaches you Part 1 in making a Racing Game using the new Neon City assets.
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Meet the Devs! Len's Island Dev Diary 18 | Unity 3D Catch up on the latest updates from the whole team creating Len's Island! See our new water system, audio and music composition updates and programming a building system.
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UNREAL 5 + Hangout! | BlenderToday #103 We are in Bug Tracker Curfew times, so not a lot of development going on. Let's hangout!
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Bleeding-Edge Effects on Mobile In this 2020 GDC Virtual Talk, Level Ex's Andy Saia break down seemingly complicated effects into simple steps providing you everything you'll need to implement effects like these to solve a wide variety of VFX problems in mobile games and ...
Lighting 3D Characters for Storytelling In this video, @Martin Klekner shares several character lighting tips that he learned throughout his career as a cinematic 3D artist. From light placement, to adjusting its quality, quantity and color, you will learn practical workflows to make your character ...
VFX Artists React to Unreal Engine 5 Reveal Unreal Engine 5 was revealed recently and it shows amazing potential! We give our opinion on it from a film background. Will Unreal Engine 5 be used more in the film industry? Do you still have to optimize your models? ...
How to Choose the RIGHT CPU for Blender | Real-World Benchmarks Is the new Intel i9 10900K the fastest CPU? Or do you want more cores with the Threadripper 3970X?
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How to Make Studio Lighting in Blender Blender tutorial on creating a professional studio lighting setup with two lamps, and one infinite backdrop. Plus how to make a turntable animation at the end.
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The 8 Best Solo-Developed Games In Development [2020] Are you a solo developer working on an indie game in 2020? You may have seen our previous videos discussing top solo developed titles. In this video we are focusing on inspiring single-developer games that are still in development!
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Creating an Interior Mapping Shader using Unity's Shader Graph - Game Dev Sandbox I've been fascinated by technique used on the windows in Marvel's Spider-Man and Forza Horizon 4 so I set out to learn how these games achieved the effect and to see if I could build an Interior Mapping Shader myself ...
My Week Implementing People into my City-Builder Game Getting back to the indie game dev life once again and implementing people and pathfinding into my city-builder game this week!
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Godot Engine Desktop/Console Games Showcase | April 2020 April 2020 compilation of desktop games submitted to us, either published or in-development by the Godot user community.
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The games shown in the video are, in order of appearance:
- Gravity Ace, ...
Spring - Blender Open Movie Showreel A compilation showcasing some of our work behind the scenes of Spring: animation, FX, lighting and comp, character design, sculpting, and hair simulation. All with Blender 2.80. Sit back and enjoy the show! Find tutorials, assets and more on

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